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Shadae’s experience in foster care was brief but the circumstances that brought her there were difficult and created a lasting impact in her life. While her mother was always present, they nonetheless struggled, bouncing around from homeless shelter to shelter or friend’s and relative’s homes. She was finally put into foster care just three months shy of her 18th birthday so she quickly aged out and right away had to fend for herself. It wasn’t long before she herself would become a mom to baby London, now six months old.

She met Voices’ President and CEO when he came to speak at one of her group meetings for a youth organization and he introduced her to Voices for Children and their unconditional love and support. Thanks to their assistance, Shadae is now finishing her high school education and has everything she needs to take care of her baby girl which attends daycare while Shadae is in class. “Unfortunately, a lot of children are placed in difficult circumstances because of things that they did not choose” says Shadae, “their support is an absolute blessing.”

On Thursday, November 15th, don’t turn your back. Help our Voices family provide for kids like Shadae the way a loving family would.
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