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Sara, Carla and Aaron

Sara, Carla, and Aaron came into foster care after Carla was born premature and drug-addicted. She was pronounced dead at birth but this “miracle baby” survived and fortunately, their great aunt Mercy was able to take the kids until their mother, Carolina, followed through with her case plan and was able to reunite with the children. But the case came to foster care again when baby Barby was born after mom went into early labor after being forced to use cocaine by the abusive father of the child. Once again, Mercy was not going to let the children go to strangers, so she took the children in and supported her niece who finally got the treatment she needed.

One person that they all agree has been an “angel” in their life is their Guardian ad Litem, Miss Marcelle. She has helped the family by providing resources through Voices For Children Foundation including uniforms for back to school and toys from their wish list during the holidays. Having been with them throughout the entire case, they feel she has been a blessing and they consider her to be a part of their family.

Blue Mission Students

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