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Margie Carri and Will

Twins Margie and Carri (9), and their younger brother Will (7), came into DCF care after witnessing the brutal murder of their older sister by a family member while their parents slept in the other room. Luckily, their aunt Kendra stepped up and took the children in to keep them from being placed in a foster home with strangers. Kendra, who raised three children of her own, quickly learned the level of neglect the children had endured. They lacked basic life skills such as how to feed and dress themselves which made getting ready for school a struggle and despite their ages, had serious delays in verbal communication, a sign that there was no one ensuring that the children were progressing at the pace that most children should.

Over the past 18 months, Kendra has provided the love and guidance these children needed and today they show very little sign of having gone through such a tremendous ordeal.

One of the biggest supports to Kendra and the children has come from Voices For Children and the many events in which the family has been provided with essential needs such as uniforms and supplies for school and gifts from their wish lists during the holidays. She is also grateful for the caring attention she has received by the children’s Guardian ad Litem, Sharaz Allahar, who has ensured that the family attends these events along with many families like hers. “Voices helps out a lot but more than that, being able to participate in these events really does something special for the kids.”

Blue Mission Students

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