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George entered foster care after being removed from his home with his older sister. He was six years old and did not understand what was going on. When he inquired, to the officer who removed him, he was told they would only be going for a ride in the car and that he would see his mom again very soon. It would take over 20 years before George saw his mother again.

He spent several years in the foster care system. He was moved around to three different homes and school placements. George thought his ordeal would be over when he was finally adopted, but unfortunately, his new family was not the close, loving family he had hoped for and quickly found himself lost, confused and struggling for answers. Due to a lack of guidance and support from his adoptive family, George’s struggles continued into adulthood. He was two weeks away from being kicked out of his home when one of the other children whom he had known from his adoptive home introduced him to Voices For Children Foundation. After opening up and sharing about his life, the Voices team immediately went to work finding him a new home and helping him build his life.

Thanks to the financial resources provided by Voices as well as the loving care and consistent encouragement, today George works full time and attends college. He is majoring in Criminal Justice and hopes to have a future in Law Enforcement. “For the longest time I believed there was no way out, but I’ve come a long way thanks to the support of my Voices For Children family. I feel proud of who I have become”.

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