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Not long ago, Brendan was a young man kid who had seen a very difficult life. He was flat broke and living in his car after yet another argument with his mother. His relationship with her had always been strained and that caused Brendan to move in and out of foster care. His life was always challenging and lacking in the love and support that most youth his age experience. At this particular moment in time, Brendan felt his life was falling apart and he had had enough. He was in a very dark place and was contemplating the worst when he was introduced to Voices For Children Foundation.

“Foster care isn’t easy” says Brendan. “The system is very difficult to navigate, and it becomes very difficult for you to do the things you want or need to do”. Still, Brendan recognizes that despite everything he went through, some have gone through much worse than what he has. He believes that having a Guardian ad Litem makes a huge difference in the life of a child who feels as though they have no one. “When I first met my GAL, she gave me a SpongeBob toy that meant the world to me. Kids need GALS and the reason I chose to follow the guidance of Voices For Children is because I could see how much they care.”

Thanks to that guidance by the caring team at Voices, today, Brendan has completed his GED and is attending college.

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