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VFC TopGolf Event

Comfort Crusaders is a nonprofit consisting of teens who help those in need, as well as the less fortunate to find solace, comfort and support through planned activities and projects under the guidance of an executive board of directors. On this particular occasion, they gave our youth in foster care a chance to enjoy an afternoon learning a new game while having fun socializing and bonding with other youth their age.

Top Golf Event

This past month, Voices For Children had the honor of treating 20 youth in foster care from Genesis Hopeful Haven and the Citrus Family Care Network to an awesome afternoon in collaboration with the Comfort Crusaders Youth Board who joined us at TopGolf in order to teach our kids all about the game.

Upon initial observation by those of us supervising the event, some of our youth initially appeared apprehensive, or even a bit nervous, as they attempted their first swings with their golf clubs. However, their looks of concern quickly transitioned into beaming smiles and laughter as they eased into the “swing of things.” By the end of the outing, they were filled with a sense of pride by their newly developed skills.

Not only was it a memorable experience for our kids, none of whom had ever played golf, but also for the Comfort Crusaders team as well, who remarked on how much they really enjoyed teaching and exposing other youth to a sport they love so much.

“Their spirit of perseverance, sweet smiles, and hearts full of gratitude were something that I will always remember. I was humbled by witnessing the exchange between our two organizations and the positive outcomes experienced by both sets of teens. It was truly a gift to have been able to participate with Voices for Children and bring a healthy activity, as well as some fun to these remarkable and precious young people,” said Maria Maloof, Founder and President of Comfort Crusaders.

Top Golf Event

“I love this partnership with Voices for Children because it exposes our children to fun and new experiences. It’s an easy way for them to build stronger relationships with their peers, improve their physical, emotional and mental health, as well as develop important life-long skills. Thank you for helping us foster new beginnings,” said Fritzie Saintoiry, CEO and Founder of Genesis Hopeful Haven.

After our successful outing, we received heartwarming notes by several of our special kids thanking us for their TopGolf experience. Here are a couple of their quotes:

“Thank you for giving me the opportunity to get out of the house and enjoy my life.”

“I appreciate the effort your team gave us. You made our day and today was definitely a trip worth going to.”

At Voices For Children, one of our primary pillars focuses on providing experiences that allow children in foster care to have moments, memories and opportunities that most of us had as part of our childhood. By focusing on the essence of the human experience and how we can contribute to the self-worth of a child, Voices For Children seeks to move the needle so that children in foster care can succeed in adulthood.

Voices for Children is grateful to Comfort Crusaders, Genesis Hopeful Haven, and the Citrus Family Care Network for the opportunity to collaborate and bring an afternoon of joy to children who have experienced so much trauma. Through these opportunities and partnerships, we can encourage children in foster care to pursue sports and other activities that preserve their right to normalcy.

If you are interested in providing a unique experience for our VFC kids, please contact Kadie Black at for more information and/or to become involved.

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