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Thank you! This Give Miami Day, Voices For Children Foundation Raised $96,295!

Give Miami Day Thank You

Today, there are 1,500 children in foster care in Miami-Dade County and you played a huge role in showing up for them during this year’s Give Miami Day event! Thanks to your support, we nearly doubled our goal and raised over $96,000!

Your generous donation will help to ensure 100 percent representation and advocacy for every child in the Guardian Ad Litem program (GAL) and provide them with the basic needs, dignity items, and experiences they need to enrich their lives and provide normalcy.

Donations to VFC also go toward funding extracurricular activities and unique experiences for children in foster care that will help make their everyday lives a little easier. From birthday parties and team-building activities to prom and cultural excursions, your funds will ensure that our children in foster care will have the opportunity to build a bright and stable future regardless of their circumstances.

Our fight to end the cycle of abuse, abandonment, and neglect for youth in foster care does not end here. Find out ways you can continue to get involved with Voices For Children Foundation and be a voice for the future of tomorrow here!

Blue Mission Students

Lend Your Voice

You can lend your voice by donating, volunteering for our Guardians Ad Litem program, or starting a conversation in your community. We always need volunteers and donations - whatever you can do helps.

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