Donor Listing 04/01/2018- 06/30/2018

Mr. and Mrs. Eugenio Sevilla-Sacasa
Mr. and Mrs. Michael Wohl
Mr. and Mrs. Phillip Youtie
Ms. Rachel Appelrouth
Ms. Irene Baros
Mr. and Mrs. Steven Brodie
Mr. and Mrs. John Broe
Ms. Saundra Brown
Mr. and Mrs. Alberto Cardenas
Mr. and Mrs. Harvey Chaplin
Compubill Systems Corporation
Mr. and Mrs. Roberto Gadala-Maria
Mr. and Mrs. Christopher Gandolfo
International Opticians
Ms. Cristiane Lima
Dr. and Mrs. Gary Lubel
Ms. Janet McAliley
Mr. and Mrs. Brad Meltzer
Michael Weintraub Trust
Mr. and Mrs. Jeff Mihm
Ms. Alicia Mora
Mr. and Mrs. Jaime Moreno
Mr. Thomas Nagle
Ms. Mary Pond
Ms. Susette Prada, P.A.
Mr. and Mrs. Paul Steven Singerman
Ms. Marilyn Strauss
Mrs. Elizabeth Suero Skipp
Rabbi and Mrs. Alfred Union
Mr. and Mrs. Jeff Yunis
DBA Premier Properties LLC Agusti Inc, LLC
Dr. Maria Ines Apolo
Bilzin Sumberg Baena Price & Axelrod LLP
Mr. and Mrs. Ernie Cambo
Ms. Hortensia Castroverde
Mr. and Mrs. Miguel Cerra
Mr. and Mrs. Jose Costa
EFG Capital Services, LLC
Mr. and Mrs. Edward Feenane
Ms. Sonia Fernandez
Mr. David Fernandez
Genesis Systems Consulting, LLC
Mr. Scott Georgeson
Ms. Rachel Gomez
Mr. and Mrs.  Christopher Hanna
Mr. and Mrs. Nelson Hincapie
Homeowners Financial Group USA, LLC
Mr. and Mrs. Juan Ibarra
Ms. Monica Macario
Mr. and Mrs. Juan Mirabal
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Murphy
Ms. Helen Ocariz
Mr. and Mrs. John Okunski
Mrs. Cristina Oyarzun
Mr. and Mrs. Alexander Pina
Mr. and Mrs. Alejandro Posada

Schlesinger Law Group
Mr. and Mrs. Ricardo Silveira
The Snay Group, Inc.
Ms. Tracy Solares
Ms. Juliette Stott
Ms. Vanessa Thorrington
Angels With A Mission Foundation
Mrs. Ellen Block
Mr. Rafael Castillo
Christ The King Lutheran Church Foundation
Ms. Monica De Fortuna
Ms. Nuvia Dominguez
Mrs. Norma Henriquez
Key Point Academy
Ms. Judith Marquez
Mr. Luis Mejia
Mr. Oscar Merlos
Ms. Ursula Tarafa
Ms. Ursula Tarafa
Ms. Roxanna Valade-Cruz
Burberry Americas
Ms. Ruby Bacardi
Mr. and Mrs. Paul Denu
Ms. Margarita Herdocia
John Moriarty & Associates of Florida Inc.
Miami Heat Charitable Fund at The Miami Foundation
Mr. Andrew Adelson
Mr. Michael Block
Braman Family Charitable Foundation
Ms. Joan Burton Jensen
Mr. and Mrs. Jim Butler
Mr. and Mrs. Girolamo Cafiero
Judge Jeri Cohen
Mr. Scott Fosko
Mr. Simon Frisch
Gerrie and Roger Soman Charitable Fund
Ms. Gladys Hidalgo
Katharine Kidd, LLC
Mr. and Mrs. Alan Klein
Mr. Manuel Krupsaw
Mr. Richard Larivee
Ms. Lai-Ching Long
Mr. Jess McCarty
Mr. and Mrs. Bruce Miracle
Mr. and Mrs. Osvaldo Negrin
Ms. Jodi Orshan
Ms. Yuni Perez
Mr. and Mrs. Richard Peterson
Plaza Construction Group
Ms. Janice Pye
Mr. John Nicholas Quick
Ms. Katherine Rolf
Mr. and Mrs. Paul Russell
Mr. and Mrs. David Sampedro
Mr. and Mrs. Gerald Schwartz
Mr. Donald Smith
Mr. and Mrs. David Stern
United Way of Greater Portland

Mr. and Mrs. Steven Williams
Wines For Humanity
Mr. and Mrs. Oscar Betancourt
Mr. and Mrs. Angel Ferrer
Ms. Maria Frangiadaki
Ms. Sheril Henney
Ms. Cynthia Johnson-Stacks
Ms. Leslie Martinez
Mr. Terrence Smith
Mr. and Mrs. Nelson Albareda
Mr. and Mrs. Stewart Appelrouth
Bernard Industries, Inc
Mr. Rodolfo Bustamante
Mr. and Mrs.Chris Caputo
Mr. and Mrs. Frank Carreras
Mr. Jaime Castano
Columbus Apartments LLC
Mr. Frank Estevez
Mr. Stuart Fort
Mr. David Gonzalez
DBA Secure Wrap Homyn Enterprises Corp
Mr. Ariel Manso
Mr. Ariel Manso
Mr. Nicholas Mouriz
Ocean Bank
Our Kids of Miami-Dade/Monroe
Mr. and Mrs. Jose Paneda
Quirch Foods
Ms. Olivia Sanchez
Sanchez Family Charitable Fund
South Florida Group Benefits, Inc.
Stearns Weaver Miller Weissler Alhadeff Et Al
Surplus Services, Inc
Mr. Marco Tejada
Terracon Group, Inc
The Southern Region LLC
The Templeton Family Fund
Total Bank
Ms. Jacquelyn Soffer

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