The 6th annual Party For A Cause is April 18 at 6pm. View sponsorship opportunities and buy tickets here.

Party for a Cause: Meet the Chairs

Now in its sixth year, Party for a Cause was created to raise awareness about Voices For Children's critical work and engage the next generation of philanthropic supporters.

We're gearing up for an evening of playful philanthropy for this year's Party for a Cause, happening on Friday, April 18th, 2024, at 6:00 pm. We're taking over Wynwood's Fun Dimension for an unforgettable adult game night with laser tag, bumper cars, nostalgic arcade games, signature drinks, food, and so much more. (Did you already get your tickets?)

But before we unleash the competitive spirit, we want you to meet the amazing minds behind this year's event: Stuart Fort, Victor Pulido, and Sophie Baker! These dedicated individuals are this year's Party for a Cause chairs, and they're passionate about making a positive impact on our community.

Stuart Fort has served on the Board of Directors of Voices For Children Foundation, Inc. for two years. Stuart works as a Certified General Contractor, where he focuses on building and remodeling luxury residential properties throughout South Florida. He is also a founding partner at Alvear Ventures, a crowdfunding startup that aims to make small business financing more accessible to everyday investors. In the evenings, he occupies his time by attending a professional Master’s program for real estate development at the University of Miami. Stuart has a cat named Boo and enjoys making espresso and listening to vinyl records in his free time.

What motivates you to support children in the foster care system?

Stuart: Before learning firsthand about Voices For Children, I was invited to attend a hearing at the Children’s Courthouse. I witnessed a dependency hearing for a young boy whose father was incarcerated. I learned very quickly how lucky I was to come from a stable home with parents who were present and supportive at every step of my life. This initial impression showed me that too many young people in Miami-Dade County were not receiving the day-to-day attention that is critical to their overall development and success. Voices For Children does an outstanding job addressing this cause. I am motivated by the direct positive impact Voices has on children in the foster care system, which has the potential to transform the trajectory of their lives.

How did you become involved with Voices For Children?

Stuart: I was introduced to Voices For Children back in college when I went on a date to an art exhibit on Brickell Key. The event was sponsored by Voices and the works being displayed were composed by artists who had experienced foster care. Unfortunately, it didn't work out with the girl, but I'm forever grateful I went to that event. I eventually exchanged contact information with the CEO of Voices and was soon after invited to Party For A Cause. Once I graduated college, I went to work for Voices for just over a year. A few years after I left the staff, I was invited to join the Board of Directors where I have served for 2 years.

What excites you most about chairing the 2024 Party For A Cause?

Stuart: Party For A Cause caters to young professionals from our community's premier companies. I don't love the phrase "networking event," but this party creates an excellent opportunity for professionals from different industries to connect in a much more fun and relaxed environment. Party For A Cause is also a great way to get a foot in the door at a prominent nonprofit that addresses a critical local cause. Overall, I am most excited to have fun, raise money, and introduce new people to Voices For Children!

Is there anything else you'd like to share?

Stuart: FunDimension is such a cool venue! I can’t wait for the laser tag, bowling, as well as excellent food and drinks. I'll see you there on April 18th!

Sophie Baker was born & raised in Chattanooga, Tennessee. She is a proud alum of the University of Tennessee where she majored in Business Analytics & Information Systems, and minored in Child & Family Studies (she says, "Go Vols!") Nearly three years ago, after college, she moved to Miami to pursue her career at the investment management company Blackstone, where she continues to grow.

What motivates you to support children in the foster care system? 

Sophie: My drive to support children in the system began with my very first case as a Guardian ad Litem volunteer, where I witnessed a child’s trust in me grow visit after visit. That experience cemented my belief that it really does just take one person to make a difference and show a child that they are being supported, advocated for, and loved.

How did you become involved with Voices For Children?

Sophie: My journey with Voices for Children began through my involvement in CASA (Court Appointed Special Advocate) NYC when I joined the associate board of directors. I knew I wanted to further be involved, and my path became clear when I crossed paths with [Voices For Children CEO] Kadie [Black] in Miami. Her dedication and passion inspired me. From there, I became a Guardian ad Litem and actively involved with Voices For Children.

What excites you most about chairing the 2024 Party For A Cause? 

Sophie: Chairing the 2024 Party for A Cause is truly incredible. The sense of community, the shared passion, and the collective effort to make a difference through events like Party for a Cause amplifies its significance for me.

Is there anything else you'd like to share?

Sophie: Being a part of this cause is not just an honor; it's a privilege. I'm beyond grateful for the incredible community around me—a group of individuals driven by compassion and the unwavering belief in making a positive change in the lives of children.

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