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2022-2023 Impact Report

Making a Difference for Children

Overview & Milestones

With a new Mission & Vision and increased support from many foundations, individuals and corporations, Voices for Children has achieved many milestones improving the Child Welfare System and services for dependent children and youth.

Among the total 2,140 children, youth and young adults served:

GAL Office Accomplishments

The Guardian ad Litem Office builds a bridge of compassion and trust, creating a safe environment where the child can thrive and succeed. The program adds meaning to the saying, “It takes a village to raise a child.”

Learn about the accomplishments in Child Advocacy, Child Permanency, Independent Living Project, and GAL Volunteer Recruitment.

Program Accomplishments

A total of 1,151 unduplicated children received direct financial support for basic needs and dignity items, including toiletries, toys, school supplies, and bicycles from Voices’ new Comfort Closet, plus various learning opportunities.

Financial Achievements

As leaders within Miami-Dade’s child welfare system, Voices and the GAL Office continued to increase their capacity towards addressing the need for systemic change.