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What is the problem?

In 2021, nearly 2,000 children were processed through the Miami-Dade County foster care system. Each one of those numbers is a child with a life, hopes, struggles, and dreams.

Success Stories

We show up and empower these youth to reach for every opportunity that will make them a success as opposed to a statistic. A child with a Guardian ad Litem spends less time in foster care and is more likely to be adopted.

2022-2023 Annual Impact Report

While we are proud of all these accomplishments, there is still much work left to do. We encourage you to join us in helping to create brighter possibilities and a better future for these children.
Blue Mission Students

Lend Your Voice

You can lend your voice by donating, volunteering for our Guardians Ad Litem program, or starting a conversation in your community. We always need volunteers and donations - whatever you can do helps.

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