It Takes A Village (ITAV)

It Takes A Village Program, created in 2012, provides motivated but disadvantaged dependent or formerly dependent youth and young adults with the funding and other support needed to successfully attend and graduate from college in order to become healthy and productive adults and contributing community members. Below are the testimonials of some of our ITAV graduates :

  • Ruth Rios

Masters of Business Administration, Florida International University, 2015

“Foster youth have to face emotional, familial and financial issues and on top of that deal with a debt for going to school. Zyman Foundation came through and they just helped. Without their help I probably wouldn’t have finish my degree. I wouldn’t have my MBA now.”

  • John Lopez

B.A., Graphic Design, New World School of the Arts, 2015

“Great program! It helped me continue going to school and becoming successful. It helped me achieve something that I thought it was impossible at a point in my life. A point when failure and success could have been decided by a coin toss”

  • Denise McArthur

B.A., Journalism & Communications, Florida International University, 2015

“The program has helped me tremendously. It gave me stability so I could stay focused in school.  I also love the staff, they are like an extended family that care for you and are very supportive”.

  • Kwantisa Harris

B.S., Journalism, Florida Agricultural and Mechanical University, 2015

“This program gives 110% to ensure success. Post College and graduation a sense of family has been created for me. Thanks to It Takes a Village program I’ve been able to live comfortably and not worry about the bare necessities of life.  ITAV created a solid foundation that allowed me to move forward utilizing education to be independent.”

  • Keith Samuels

B.S., Sociology, Florida International University, 2015

“The It Takes a Village program gave me that financial push I needed to graduate. If it wasn’t for the program basically I wouldn’t know where I would be right now”.

If you would like to be involved please contact Dorothy Marin at 786.469.3862 or by email at


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