Artistic Expressions Workshops

Artistic Expressions Workshops offer enrichment opportunities to children in areas such as photography, painting, and hot glass blowing. The workshops are designed to offer youth a means to heal the pain of their difficult lives, gain a sense of control, find a positive outlet for self-expression and enhance their sense of well-being.

Youth are paired with participating local artists and the activities carried out in each workshop are dependent upon the curriculum established by the artist-mentors.  Typically, each small group of foster youth meet with the artist-mentor in interactive workshops where they learn background on the art form, choose a theme for their artwork and receive artistic guidance and the necessary supplies and materials to execute their project. In each final workshop, the artist-mentor assists the youth in completing their creations and preparing them for public display.

If you would like to share your artistic talent and become an inspiration to children in need, please contact Dorothy Marin at 786.469.3862 or by email at


Past workshops include:

-As I See Myself Painting Workshops

In 2018, Voices For Children partnered with Dreams Hatchery Foundation to offer “As I See Myself” workshops to children in foster care of different ages.
The workshop invites children to look at themselves in a mirror and draw their future on a canvas. Since March, Voices For Children and Dreams Hatchery has hosted 20 workshops where over 200 children have had the opportunity to explore their artistic skills and engage in a healing experience.

See My World photography project led by Daniel Vinoly

The project offered children an artistic experience with minimal coaching.  The youths were given disposable cameras to take pictures for a week.  The photographs taken by the youth were assembled into a large-scale pictorial installation projected upon palm trees throughout a high-end outdoor shopping mall.

Glassblowing led by renowned Norwegian glass artist Terje Lundaas

Teens learned the art of glassblowing during a two-session workshop.  They also had the opportunity to provide Mr. Lundaas with a sketch of a sculpture which he created during the second artistic session.

Soaring to New Heights led by professional photographer Alain Martinez

This project was a hands-on photography workshop.  The primary goal of this project was to teach children the basics of a career in photography.  The participants worked with state of the art photography equipment while having the opportunity to interact with two professional photographers.

Picturing Our World led by professional photographer David Taggart

Voices provided children with digital cameras and instruction in angles, lighting, exposures, and general photography techniques in multiple sessions.  The children took pictures depicting their emotions through their surroundings, pictures of family members, their communities, and their dreams.

Painting Workshop led by Carlos Rodriguez

Children were given the opportunity to learn about color, composition, and artistic expression in a two workshop session.

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