Mission and Vision


The mission of Voices For Children Foundation, Inc. is to raise funds to ensure that every abused, abandoned and neglected child in Miami-Dade County has a court-appointed Guardian ad Litem (GAL) and that financial assistance and other resources are available for their health, educational, and social needs.


Voices For Children is a leader among peer organizations concerned with the support and future success of abused, abandoned, or neglected children and youth.  As such, Voices views its organizational purpose and identity in these ways:

  • Guarantor of 100% GAL Representation.  Provide the support needed to maintain 100% GAL representation of abused, abandoned, or neglected children and youth.
  • Guarantor of Optimal Quality of GAL Support.  Enhance the quality of GAL representation for every child and youth in the foster care system using a team model for child representation:  a GAL staff supervisor, a GAL staff attorney, and a GAL representative.
  • Guarantor of Life and Leadership Skills, Education, and Enrichment. Increase funding to meet the basic needs of foster children and youth for which the GAL Program is currently not sufficiently funded, including physical and mental health, dental, immigration, education, career training, enrichment programs, mentoring and leadership skills development.
  • A Leader.  Voices is a leading non-profit advocacy and funding organization working to expand the effectiveness of representation for children and youth in the foster care system and to provide financial support for their education in life skills development and enrichment activities. All foster care youth who have GAL representation and those who have moved out of the court system are given the chance to participate in opportunities designed to help them develop as productive, independent members of society.


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