Success Stories- Voices Heard

  • Amelia’s Story: From Foster Care to Guardian ad Litem

    People often ask, “What does one need to become a Guardian ad Litem?” The answer is very simple – a heart to help a child in need. Throughout the period in which a child is involved in a dependency case, there are a number of individuals assigned to look after the child’s welfare; ... Click to read more
  • John’s Story: The Will to Succeed

    John is the oldest of ten children. He grew up homeless in Miami moving from shelter to shelter with his parents and his siblings. Eventually, the Department of Children and Families found his family living without power and water. They declared child neglect and took 13 year old John and his siblings away. Click to read more
  • Ronald’s Story: The Light at the End of the Tunnel

    Ronald Smith grew up with troubled parents. Both his mother and father were addicted to crack cocaine. His father was also an alcoholic and mostly absent from Ronald’s life. Ronald remembers his father as the promise maker. Click to read more
  • Victoria’s Story: The Value of Child Advocacy

    Victoria’s mother suffered from Munchausen by Proxy Syndrome, an exceedingly rare psychiatric disorder in which the parent seeks unneeded medical care for her children. Her mother claimed Victoria had various brain disorders, including seizures, to more than 26 medical facilities and had her prescribed psychotropic medication for several years. Click to read more
  • Robertson’s Story: A Tale of Compassion and Resilience

    In 2004, Robertson Auguste was happily living with his mother and four of his siblings. In February, a fire swept through the Auguste family home, tragically changing Robertson’s life forever. His three sisters and one brother perished in the horrific accident. His mother passed away in a hospital a month later. Thirteen-year-old Robertson was the ... Click to read more
  • Rachel’s Story: How to become a Woman and a Survivor

    Rachel entered the foster care system at age five with her eight siblings. During her 14 years in the system, Rachel lived in 22 foster homes and shelters and attended 21 different schools; with so little consistency in life Rachel faced several setbacks. Click to read more
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