Current Stories

These are real stories of children who need help.

  • Gaby, age 15

    Gaby is a 15-year old only child adolescent. Her parents separated when she was 3 years old and her father has reportedly played a very limited role in Gaby’s life. Gaby and her mother lived with Gaby’s grandmother for the last decade and during this time, the grandmother evidenced a decline in cognitive functioning caused ... Click to read more
  • Gloria, age 17

    Seventeen year-old Gloria came under the Dependency Court’s jurisdiction when a petition for placement in shelter was filed alleging that Gloria’s father had sexually abused Gloria’s younger sister and Gloria had witnessed the abuse. Click to read more
  • Augustus, age 15, Marvin, age 5

    This case had one prior allegation of domestic violence several months prior to both children entering the dependency system. No longer living together, the father visited his children on occasion and inevitably ended up in a physical argument with the mother in the presence of the children. Click to read more
  • Henry, age 7, Danny, age 6, Deanna, age 2

    All three children entered the foster care system in 2010 due to neglect. The father is diagnosed with delusional disorder, paranoid type and refuses to seek medical treatment or take medication. Click to read more

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