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United we stand as a loving family

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Harold Woodside and Regina Rock’s adoption story began nine and a half years ago when Regina’s older sister passed away during childbirth leaving four young children behind. Two of the children went to live with their father and the other two came to live with Harold and Regina and their daughter Tyneisha.  Fast forward to a year ago when Regina was notified that her youngest sister’s five children had been removed by DCF due to neglect. There was no hesitation. Just as they had done with her older sister’s children, Harold and Regina took in all five of Regina’s youngest sister’s children and this past November 16th, 2018, National Adoption Day, they all became a forever family.
BBB_3851Growing up in a family of seven children himself, Harold is no stranger to a home bustling with kids and activity.  “I understand why my dad was batty in the head and called the kids by the wrong names because I do it every day now.” Tyneisha recalls a time when she was the only child fondly.  “I used to get lots of attention and pretty much everything I wanted, but I am happy to have my family because I never feel lonely.  Only thing is, its always loud”.  For Regina it’s simple: “I was raised with love by two parents. I want them to have the same thing I had.  They are my blood and united we stand, divided we fall.”
Throughout the process, Harold and Regina had the consistent support of their Guardian ad Litem, Khalid Allahar, who was able to provide the family with resources through Voices For Children’s, Children’s Needs Program.  He was able to assist with food, clothing, toys during the holidays, summer camp and other enrichment programs as well as information and guidance throughout the process.  The family is grateful for not just the financial but also the moral support they received from Khalid and Voices For Children and look forward to their future as a forever family.