And No One Shall Make Them Afraid… | Voices For Children

And No One Shall Make Them Afraid…

Throughout much of his correspondence, George Washington often quoted a Hebrew scripture that read “but they all shall sit under their own vines and under their fig trees, and no one shall make them afraid….”  In the biblical passage, it is meant to describe a simple life without tyranny and oppression from royalty or state, an appropriate sentiment to manifest during the height of the American Revolution and the battle to win independence from British rule.
This month as we celebrate that independence, at Voices For Children Foundation, the message conveyed by George Washington holds a special meaning as the battle against child abuse is far from won.  Many children suffer every day from tyranny in their own homes, their lives full of fear and uncertainty. What is even more tragic for these children is that safety is too often not found and the cycle of abuse and neglect continues to be repeated with the next generation.  At Voices For Children, we believe the vision of everyone involved in the child welfare system should be breaking this cycle of abuse for every child and family that comes to us.
As we reflect this July 4th on our burgeoning country’s struggle, we celebrate our right to freedom from fear. We ask you to join our efforts so that every child can sit under their own vine and fig tree and most importantly, no one shall make them afraid.