The top three fundraising trends in 2016 | Voices For Children

The top three fundraising trends in 2016

Not all fundraisers require organizing elaborate parties. There are a number of ways that organizations such as Voices For Children can collect funds that differ from the popular form of fundraising events. Below we highlight the top three fundraising trends for 2016.
Digital crowdsourcing
Imagine if you asked a friend for $1 and that friend asked another friend for $1. What would happen if this charitable chain continued until thousands of dollars were raised? This is somewhat the premise of what crowdsourcing sites such as Kickstarter and Indiegogo do, only on a much bigger scale. People donate as little or as much as they like and share links to fundraising pages on social media to get their friends and network in on the giving.
Fitness events
People love to party, which is generally why events do so well in the philanthropy sector. Recently the public’s interest in having a good time is as important as their focus on health. Established fitness studios such as SoulCycle are among the many health and wellness institutions participating in this trend. Tickets are set at a higher price than a regular class, instructors and studios donate their time and space, and all profits are donated directly to the organization putting on the event.
Subscription giving
So much of our daily lives is automated these days—from recurring bill payments to our fitness schedule, everything we do is programmed. That is why preset charitable donations makes sense. Many organizations are instituting regular payments or monthly debits that go straight to a specific cause. Think the $10 automatically taken out of your account for Netflix each month, except your small contribution will go to making a big impact in someone’s life. Learn more about Voices For Children monthly subscription by visiting: