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Get Involved, Make a Difference

The saying that every little thing helps could not be truer when it comes to Miami-Dade’s foster care program.  Becoming a Guardian ad Litem volunteer might not be an option for everyone that wants to promote the wellbeing of foster children, but here are other ways to engage with the cause and make a difference.  The local community offers plenty of one-day events and opportunities that help foster children, some of which we’ve highlighted here as inspiration of ways that you can commit your time to improve their lives.
Participate in a fundraiser
Raising money for organizations such as Voices For Children Foundation is a great way to make a lasting impact in the local foster community—and it’s easier than one would think. Rather than going online to set up a campaign or asking friends and family for money, turn your next celebration into a fundraiser. If you’re throwing a birthday party or other gathering where guests might bring gifts, ask them to donate to Voices For Children in lieu of presents. This way, your guests will feel like they contributed to your special day and you’ll feel be making a difference with a donation to the organization.
Teach your talent
Are you a gifted musician or an expert coder? Both are valuable skills that can be passed on to foster children. Some organizations are making it easier for those looking to teach their talent to others. The Children’s Home Society of Florida is one of the organizations  where people can get involved to teach courses such as computer programming, a course that is offered directly through their local offices across South Florida.
Be an Educational Mentor 
Educate Tomorrow, an organization aiming to end the cycle of poverty through education has a mentorship program that pairs a volunteer from the community with foster youth. Mentees get help enrolling in college and training programs, finding housing and jobs, as well as applying for educational and social assistance that may be available to them.
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