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Voices For Children Recognizes National Recovery Month

By September 28, 2015 No Comments

With so many make-believe holidays and celebrations populating our calendars (think National Ice Cream Day), it’s easy to forget the dates that really matter and make a difference in the lives of so many. September marks National Recovery Month, recognizing the individuals who have overcome addiction to drugs and alcohol and bringing awareness to counseling and treatment programs as a means of recovery.
This month-long initiative is especially important to Voices For Children, as many of the children in the foster care system come from households where one or both parents have abused drugs or alcohol. Among the most affected are children under 5 years old, of whom Nelson F. Hincapie, President and CEO of Voices For Children Foundation, estimates a staggering 70 percent come from homes where drug or alcohol abuse is prevalent. “I see firsthand the effect that drugs and alcohol have on the lives of children who end up as part of the dependency system,” shared Hincapie, who also stands by the transformative power of getting the proper treatment. According to the Florida Institute of Technology, it’s estimated that 35 out of 36 alcoholics never undergo treatment, a figure that grows exponentially among drug users. Given these statistics, it’s important that parents take the necessary steps to receive help. “It’s up to the parents to make a difference.”
Those not affected by drug and alcohol abuse can still do their part to inspire change in the community. Donations made to Voices For Children support the Guardian ad Litem program and the children’s health, educational and social needs. To help the thousands of children in the Miami-Dade County foster system, visit http://beavoice.org/how-to-help/donate, and donate to Voices For Children.