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Gaby, age 15

gabyGaby’s parents separated when she was 3; she lived with her mother and grandmother, who experienced a decline in cognitive functioning caused by dementia and Alzheimer’s disease. Gaby’s mother lost her job taking an impact on the household and also compromising her physical and emotional functioning. Gaby’s mother has been observed beating up the grandmother in the front yard of the home. Gaby stopped attending school to stay home and care for her mother and grandmother. The conditions in the home were deplorable; rotten food piled up in the room and the bed covered with filth. Gaby had visible dirt on her skin so it was unknown when she had last taken a bath. Gaby’s mother was arrested for physical abuse of the grandmother and neglect towards Gaby. Gaby was moved to a local shelter with the recommendation to start individual therapy to address her anxiety and coping skills. Gaby has recently been placed with her aunt, who has shown interest in adopting her.

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