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Henry, age 7, Danny, age 6, Deanna, age 2

dannyAll three children entered the foster care system in 2010 due to neglect.  The father is diagnosed with delusional disorder, paranoid type and refuses to seek medical treatment or take medication.  He exhibits aggressive behavior, escalating to various incidents of domestic violence.  The mother of these children fails to see the problems the father’s situation is causing her children, refuses to keep the father from the children, and failed to keep a stable environment for these children to live in.
Once removed from their parents care, these three children were reunited twice with their parents over the course of two years, living in and out of family shelters, until finally removed and placed into foster care.  Both parents have failed to comply with their case plan and their parental rights have been terminated in 2014.  All three children have been receiving therapeutic treatment throughout their stay in foster care and currently pending adopt by their therapist.

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